Don’t miss out on the news design event of the year


The SNDS 2015 Conference in Copenhagen October 1 and 2 is coming closer. Don’t miss out the chance to hear inspiring presentations from leading people in the news design business. The SNDS Conference 2015 is focusing on design, innovation and platforms in the world of print- and online publishing. Subjects range from the redesign of […]

The sweet smell of success


Editor’s column from SNDS Magazine no. 2, 2015: Do not try to win awards. Do not try to follow fashion. Be true to your subject and you will be far more likely to create something that is timeless. That’s where the true art lies. – Paul Arden* Although you should not create just to win, […]

Welcome to our redesigned website

SNDS.ORG is redesigned. We are still the same but we look a little different. We have decided to follow the look of the SNDS Magazine and have chosen to get rid of our yellow color. Now we are more red (in the logo), black and white. The new design is totally responsive so it will […]

Awards and Awards


Two competitions for news design have just been completed. One competition in the US and one in Scandinavia. Scandinavian entries did great in the US. Congratulations. In the Scandinavian competition we had fewer entries in the print categories than we are used to. In the digital competition the number of entries was about the same […]

Are you proud of what you do?


Tell it to the world: Send us 500 to 1000 words about a project, an idea, a new product or event you are involved with or have been working on, and we’ll publish it in SNDS Magazine. What you’ll get in return is exposure to and feedback from a competent audience of news designers and […]

Scandinavian news design 2015 winners found


No details was left undiscussed in this year’s jury work at Hotel Legoland, Billund. Four days of hard work, lots of fun and late night singing and guitar playing paved the way for finding this year’s winner in the Best of Scandinavian News Design competition. As always the judges were hard but fair. Mattias Bergmann […]

SNDS Magazine 1, 2015 is out


The first SNDS Magazine of the year is on its way to the printer. Take a look in the web version below at all the great content we have put together for you. The cover story is a very personal story by John Bark and a project by him and his colleague Charli Kasselbäck, in […]

Embrace the visual format


Editorial from SNDS Magazine no. 4, 2014 We believe there is nothing social about online social networks, so get out from behind your screen and get to a live event, with real people, real communication, real beer, and real creative fun.”   – Visuals can be many things. In the previous issue of SNDS Magazine, […]