The juries at work

11 jury members are working at this time in Helsinki, trying to find the best pages in the print competition and online publications in the digital competition.

The number of entries in the print competition this year was 292. 30 media houses have sent contributions.

The digital jury is evaluating 111 entries which is the highest number of entries ever.

The jury work will continue until Wednesday.

The juries of this year’s competition: (from left) Lars Pryds, Ari Kinnari, Tarmo Rajamets, Petra Villani, Emma-Leena Ovaskainen, Tomi Kaukinen, Katinka Bukh, Guro Lindahl Flåten, Håvard Holten. In this picture we are missing Lone Jürgensen (Secretary General of SNDS), Flemming Hvidtfeldt (chariman of the print jury), and Björn Heselius (chairman of the digital jury).
Print jury is evaluation overall design

The digital jury at work
Some of the judging criteria for digital entries.
The digital jury occupies a room named after the first female programmer – Ada Lovelace.
The digital jury started with stating their hopes and wishes.

Meet the jury

The 2018 design competition jury meet in Helsinki during the first week of March 2019.

During some intense days they will go through hundreds of entries from all Nordic and Baltic countries, both digital and printed publications.


The print jury is hosted by Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland.

The digital jury is hosted by Nitor Digital Engineering Company, an IT-consultancy in Finland and Sweden.


The results of this year’s competition will be revealed later this spring. Keep your eyes open for information on


Thank you to all participating in the competition, and also thank you to our hosts.

Print Design Jury 2019

Håvard Holten

Journalist, evening editor at VG’s news desk in Oslo.

Håvard Holten
VG, Norway
Holten has worked in various local and national newspaper since 1993, both as a reporter and as part of the editors staff, the last ten years in VG.  
Together with Torfinn Weisser he did the redesign of VG on print in 2017. This work awarded VG with the honor “Best designed newspaper in Scandinavia” and a silver in the redesign-category in last years competition. 

Ari Kinnari

Managing Editor, responsible for photo and design at Helsingin Sanomat in Finland.

Ari has been working in Helsingin Sanomat since 2011. Kinnari has worked with several Finnish newspapers and magazines as Art Director or Design Consultant. He has been involved in many redesign projects.

Multiple award winner in national and international design competitions.




Lars Pryds

is a visual artist and editorial designer.

Owner of Tolstrup Pryds Grafisk Tegnestue, which he shares since 1987 with his wife, designer and art critic Lisbeth Tolstrup, Pryds has more than 25 years of experience from Denmark’s largest newspapers, e.g. Jyllands-Posten, Berlingske, and 24timer. 

A multiple international award winner, Lars Pryds is also an art and design critic for Kunstavisen, Journalisten a.o., and was previously art director and editor of SNDS Magazine (2006–2016).

Lars Pryds graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts (now: Design School Kolding) in 1987 and holds a Master in Design degree from KADK, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in June 2013.

Tarmo Rajamets

is leading the print design team of Eesti Ekspress in Estonia.

I started working as a layout designer for a small newspaper called Liivimaa Kroonika back in 1991.
It was a wild time in the Estonian society and even more so in the news business. Working in a newspaper was a crazy rollercoaster ride back then. Among other things, it involved designing the paper in a winter coat and mittens (because the temporary office rooms were so cold in January) and constantly spending the whole weekly paper work cycle without any sleep. Yeah, it was plenty of fun.
In the following years I’ve been working as a layout designer for various Estonian newspapers and magazines, also spent a couple of years in a prepress office. In 2001, I joined Eesti Ekspress, one of the most influential Estonian newspapers, and have been leading the paper version design team since 2009. 

Petra Villani

is a page designer at HD-Sydsvenskan in Malmö, Sweden

Petra Villani is an award-winning visual designer with experience from both print and web design. She works as a page designer at HD-Sydsvenskan, a part of Bonnier News.
In her spare time, Petra is a bookbinder wannabe and leather craft enthusiast.

Flemming Hvidtfeldt (chairperson of the jury)

is a freelance journalist working from Thailand and Denmark.

Flemming has been chairman of SNDS as long as anyone remembers. The same goes for the task as chairman of the competition Best News Design Scandinavia. 
But he still loves it. And he looks forward to every competition. 

Digital Design Jury 2019

Katinka Bukh

is the Design editor at Weekendavisen in Denmark.

Katinka has been an editorial designer for most of her working years. She is passionate about visual communication, journalism, functional type, and beautiful design.

Digital design was something she got seriously into at her last job at Zetland, a small Danish news media, with a strong focus on calm, fun and cool UI. She recently just started on an amazing old weekly newspaper, Weekendavisen (published since 1749), which currently is in an early process of redesigning both digitally and on print.

“I am very excited to see the best digital design in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries”, Katinka says.

Linda Häggström

is the Development editor for digital design at Expressen in Sweden

Linda is working for a brand-friendly and cohesive design throughout the digital channels. Before that, she held different positions within the design, presentation and business development teams at Svenska Dagbladet, for 13 years.

In short: 

– Master of Order
– Exterminator of messy drop shadows
– Destroyer of pointless information

Tomi Kaukinen

is a Swedish-Finnish serial entrepreneur and speaker.


After working for investment funds for many years, in 2012 Tomi quit his job and started his first company.

He has taken his products to both the Spanish and South-East Asian markets and worked with some of the biggest media companies and sports clubs in the world.

After burning out in 2018 he now spends his time speaking about entrepreneurship and helping aspiring start-ups.

Guro Lindahl Flåten

is a Digital designer at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

Guro is a designer, serial binge-watcher, and sewer of semi-wearable clothes.

She got her degree in graphic design from Falmouth University in the UK and worked for 5 years at Dagbladet before recently turning to NRK. Her current design challenge is to figure out how to best explain the news to those uninterested, rapidly prototyping and testing new formats.

She is returning as a jury member at SNDS for the third time.

Jonas Nilsson

is the Digital design lead for Norwegian regional daily Adresseavisen.

Jonas has been pushing pixels on the internet professionally for eighteen years.

He thrives on both product and content design and is a firm believer that all designers should know how to code, and that the designs should be equally great on all screen sizes. Jonas now coordinates the efforts of Adresseavisen’s digital development for editorial projects.

His work has won the paper many international awards over the years.

Emma-Leena Ovaskainen

is a visual producer at Helsingin Sanomat in Finland.

Emma-Leena’s role in the newsroom is to gather up the best stories and visuals and create compelling storytelling on HS:n digital platforms.
She started as a journalist in newspapers and radio, but the interest towards good design and visuals turned her into a newspaper designer in an early stage of her career. After studying mobile visual storytelling 2017–18 at the Reuters Institute in Oxford, she now uses her findings in a real-life newsroom. The more you work on the visual idea of the story, the better it works on a tiny mobile screen.

Björn Heselius (chairperson of the jury)

is Principal Designer at Nitor Digital Engineering, an IT consultancy in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Björn on a mission to create the best user experiences in the world, through empathy and customer-driven design. His background is in the field of education, web development, and visual journalism.

As a facilitator and leader, brand strategist and art director, Björn works in the borderlines where tech and psychology, innovation and art meet.

Björn’s work for digital and printed publications has received numerous international awards for design, art direction, and visual strategy. 

New deadlines for the competition!

In these times of February Flu (it’s a thing – isn’t it?), we decided to move the deadline for this year’s competition to February 20 for printed entries (the entries must be at SNDS on Wednesday 20.2.2019 at the latest) and to February 24 for digital entries.

Please check the Call for Entries for further information.


Flemming Hvidtfeldt, chairman for the print jury

Björn Heselius, chairman for the digital jury

Call for Entries: Compete with your best designs of 2018!

The Design Competition juries for Print and Digital will both meet in Helsinki, Finland on March 3–6 2019. Helsingin Sanomat will be hosting the jury meeting for the print competition and Nitor Digital Engineering will be hosting the digital competition. 

The competition is for work published in 2018. 

This is how you enter the competition:

  1. Fill out the Entry Form for the competition.
  2. Pay the competition fee mentioned in your entry form. Additional Bank information.
  3. The deadline for entries in the competition is 
    • February 20, 2019 (print)
    • February 24, 2019 (digital)
  4. Keep your fingers crossed. The judges might contact you with questions about the entries during jury week.


The Print Competition

Entries in the print-competition may now be submitted either as tear sheets or printouts. Entries in the print competition will still be judged in person, on tables, as in the previous years, but outlets may choose which format to submit.

The guidelines for submitting printed replicas of work in the printing competition are as follows:

  • Printouts must be unmounted, and in the case of multi-page entries, taped together and assembled accordion-style. (They will be judged next to tear sheets assembled this way, after all)
  • Printouts must be at a size that is at least 75 percent of the size the entry ran.
  • Printouts must be unmounted
  • Printouts must run in the color state (CMYK or black-and-white) that the entry printed.
  • Publications entering printouts should keep PDFs of their entries available through April, in case they are needed by the competition for documentation purposes.

Tear sheets are accepted in the same manner as in previous years. Outlets wishing to enter the work exactly as it printed remain encouraged to do so.

Entries for the print competition must be at SNDS no later than Wednesday February 20, 2019.

Entry form for the Print Competition


The Digital Competition

Entry form for the Digital Competition

Categories and fees:

  1. Landing Page or Front Page (110 €/entry)
    The front page of a whole website or the landing page of a section, a theme, a service or an event. Only one page is judged.
  2. Coverage of Breaking News (110 €/entry)
    Non-planned coverage and/or Breaking news. Please add screenshots from the time the story was live if needed.
  3. Article Page (110 €/entry)
     Generic layout or special template design for articles. Evaluated on use of elements, photography, typography, graphics, and ads. The specific article itself is not the main focus in this category, however, the exceptional symbiosis of content and template is taken into account.
  4. Long form or Feature (110 €/entry)
    Planned coverage of subjects or stories, long form articles, series of articles, themes etc. Use of digital possibilities/features, responsiveness or special attention to the digital reader’s capabilities.
  5. Data Project (110 €/entry)
    Data projects can be anything from infographics to database driven journalism in articles or themes.
  6. Video (110 €/entry)
    For this category, please bear in mind that photo style, video graphics, editing or player is being evaluated, not the content of the video.
  7. Redesign (330 €/entry)
    This category takes the change of a website or part of a website into account. Please upload screenshots of before and after and describe briefly the main focus areas you wanted to improve with the redesign.
  8. Web Application or Online Service  (110 €/entry)
    Services or responsive web applications published by media companies. Please describe the main user group if needed.  
  9. Innovation (110 €/entry)
    Innovative digital solutions in regards to business, design, development or editorial needs.
  10. Editorial Promotion (110 €/entry)
    Clever digital marketing of editorial initiatives to the users.
  11. Mobile Application (110 €/entry)
    Mobile applications published by media companies. Please enter a link to the application store or the application’s landing page.
  12. Open Class (110 €/entry)
    Did none of the categories above match your entry? Do you want the jury to focus on a special feature or a series of some kind? Then this is your category! 🙂

The judges may or may not award prizes in every category.

The judges can choose to re-arrange submitted entries into other categories as they see fit, and if all judges agree upon this. 

Criteria and evaluation

The digital publications will be evaluated by a multi-national jury specialized in digital publishing. This jury consists of six members appointed by Mediebedrifternes Landsforening (Norway), Sanomalehtien Liitto/Tidningarnas Förbund (Finland) and SNDS. The competition is open to any Nordic and Baltic media company.

The digital entries are judged according to how well these four criteria are being met in each entry:

  • Visual design
  • Interactivity
  • Usability and structure
  • Journalism/editing


The jury will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze diplomas. The “Scandinavia’s Best Designed Digital Media” award will be given to the best overall designed entry in the competition. In addition, the jury may award a “Best Detail Award” for a particularly well-made design detail, or a “Best Interaction Award” for exceptional UX.

When the jury has completed the evaluation process, winning media will be informed that they have been granted an award, but not which one. At this point, we will also ask winners to send information about the people who should be credited for the award.

Additional information

  • If you want to add before/after/during screenshots, you can do so by uploading files in the following formats: jpg, png, gif, mp4, mov, pdf, txt, doc, ppt. 
  • Submit necessary login information and passwords valid during the period 1 February–1 October 2019.
  • The entry fee shall be paid for each entry submitted for evaluation.
  • Please use one entry form per entry.

Entries for the digital competition must be entered no later than February 24, 2019. 

Entry form for the Digital Competition


Best of luck in this year’s competition!

Flemming Hvidtfeld
Chairman, Competition Committee and Print.

Björn Heselius
Chairman, Digital Competition

Press release (sept 2018): Norge i front med nyhedsdesign

SNDS, Society for News Design Scandinavia, har præmieret den bedste formgivning af redaktionelt indhold digitalt og på tryk.

KØBENHAVN: Norske mediehuse blev de helt store vindere i årets “Best of News Design Scandinavia”, mens danske Zetland sikrede sig prisen som Best of Show i den digitale konkurrence og finske Helsingin Sanomat vandt Best of Show i print-konkurrencen.
Prisen som “Best Designed Newspaper Scandinavia” gik til norske VG.
Danske Politiken vandt to guldmedaljer i printkonkurrencen, mens finske Helsinkin Sanomat også vandt guld.
I den digitale konkurrence vandt norske og hver guld. Det samme gjorde finske samt danske Zetland.
Mediernes kreative formgivere scorede de attraktive priser i den årlige konkurrence arrangeret af SNDS, Society for News Design Scandinavia,hvor vinderne onsdag aften blev hædret ved en  prisoverrækkelse i København..
– Godt design er en af nøglerne til at tiltrække nye læsere – og kunder – i en verden, hvor læsere og seere bliver stadig mere kritiske med, hvordan de bruger deres tid, sagde formanden for SNDS, Flemming Hvidtfeldt, Danmark ved præmieoverrækkelsen.
Formanden for den digitale jury, Björn Heselius siger, at det mere end nogensinde tidligere er vigtigt for mediehusene at have fokus på kvaliteten i formgivningen af digitale nyheder: Og alt tyder på, at mediehusene ofrer flere ressourcer herpå.
– Den nordiska digitala nyhetsdesignen har hittat sin form och medierna har även hittat sin unika och tydliga röst online. Det är också tydligt att man lyft blicken från att enbart göra estetiskt tilltalande design, till att allt oftare skapa engagerande berättelser och tjänster utgående från användarnas behov. På det sättet har man börjat skapa förutsättningar för nya digitala intäkter.
Flere end 70 mediehuse fra de fire nordiske lande og Baltikum deltog i konkurrencerne.
Se alle de præmierede avissider og web-sites på

Winners of SNDS Design Competition 2018

Finally, the winners of Best of News Design Scandinavia are published. Below you’ll find all the winners in both the print competition and the digital competition.

As for now we are only publishing the winners. Not what prize they won. For that you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Exactly until the prize ceremony at the big Award Dinner which will take place September 26th in Copenhagen.

The Award Dinner is held in conjunction med the conference held by Design Matters. SNDS has – as we did last year – partnered up with Design Matters.

You can sign up for the both the conference with a 15 % discount on the conference fee and the Award Dinner here:

You can sign up for the Award Dinner  only here:

We only have a limited number of seats for the Award Dinner so hurry up if you want to participate.

If you want to participate in the conference you’ll get a discount of 15 % on the conference fee here:

The list of winners by media, category, country and story/site:


NRK, apps, NO, Go to and click on “Valgresultat 2017” on the right
Helsingin Sanomat, data, FI,
VG, data, NO,
DR, data, DK,
Helsingin Sanomat, data, FI,
Helsingin Sanomat, editorial promotion, FI,, innovation, NO,
Adresseavisen, innovation, NO,ålgangene-fra-Trondheims-Bratteste-2017-15321117.ece
Helsingin Sanomat, innovation, FI,
DR, innovation, DK,
Expressen, news coverage, SE,
NRK, storytelling, NO,
TV2, storytelling, DK,
Politiken, storytelling, DK,
VG, storytelling, NO,
Adresseavisen, storytelling, NO,
Ekstra Bladet, storytelling, DK,
Dagbladet, storytelling, NO,
Politiken, storytelling, DK,
TV2, storytelling, DK,
Adresseavisen, TV exp, NO,øper-hemmelighetene-bak-Norges-største-studentrevy-15462399.ece
Politiken, TV exp, DK,
DR, TV exp, DK,
Zetland, website, DK,
Adresseavisen, website, NO,


Helsingin Sanomat/Viikko, design, FI
VG, design, NO
Politiken, design, DK
Hallingdölen, design, NO
Aamulehti, design, FI
Talousanomat, redesign, FI, Talouselämä
VG, redesign, NO, VG
Helsingin Sanomat, frontpages, FI, 100 Tänään me juhlimme!
Aamulehti, frontpages, FI, Paljon onnea!
Aamulehti, frontpages, FI, Mauno Koivisto
Politiken, frontpages, DK, Hvad er der med den maling
Jyllands-Posten, frontpages, DK, Måling: Tyskerne er tilgivet
Jyllands-Posten, frontpages, DK, Elever strømmer til kristne friskoler
Vårt Land, frontpages, NO, Straff
Talousanomat, frontpages, FI, Parhaat startupit
Vårt Land, frontpages, NO, KrF-havariet
Helsingin Sanomat, newspages, FI, Naudanliha maito …
VG, newspages, NO, HELP!
Politiken, newspages, DK, Højsæson for druknedød
VG, newspages, NO, Den Amerikanske Døden
VG, newspages, NO, Angrepet Ofrene Jakten
Hallingdölen, lokal pages, NO, Best at Båstø ikkje består
Hallingdölen, lokal pages, NO, {Tanken på at faren min…..}
Politiken, feature, DK, Den sande danmarkshistorie
Dagens Næringsliv, feature, NO, Nyttår i helvete
Aamulehti, feature, FI, Made in Finland
Aftenposten, feature, NO, Trumps russiske mareritt
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, feature, FI, Maan tapa
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, feature, FI, Terrorismin kehto
Bergens Tidende, feature, NO, Anerkjent forsker: Spis mer…
Hallingsdölen, feature, NO, Til verda i Stova
Jyllands-Posten, feature, DK, Svend Åge Madsen
Karjalainen Oy, feature, FI, Aallon voima
Eesti Ekspress, feature, EE, Naine “november” taga
Aamulehti, feature, FI, Kyky unelmoida voi ….
Lapin Kansa, feature, FI, Sie tilasit minut
Lapin Kansa, feature, FI, Miksei vaan tuhota …
Hufvudstabladet AB, feature, FI, Skogen gav oss allt
Hufvudstabladet AB, feature, FI, Finland om 100 år
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, sektionsfronts, FI, Suomi 100
Jyllands-Posten, sektionsfronts, DK, Rød, hvid, grøn…
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, sektionsfronts, FI, Läskikapina
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, sektionsfronts, FI, Lopun alku
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, sektionsfronts, FI, Eläinuhrit
Svenska Dagbladet, sektionsfronts, SE, Vi bliver bare fler
Politiken, sektionsfronts, DK, Sket i året
Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, sektionsfronts, FI, Valot pois!
Politiken, visual communication, DK, Det bliver en…
Dagens Næringsliv, visual communication, NO, Bakteriebomben
Politiken, visual communication, DK, Danmarks Kyster
Politiken, visual communication, DK, Donald Trump
VG, visual communication, NO, Inn på teppet
Aftenposten, visual communication, NO, Vinnerkroppen
Bergens Tidende, visual communication, NO, Ledesternen som ble nullet ut
Hallingdölen, visual communication, NO, Hallingar i Den Amerikanske Borgarkrigen
Politiken, visual communication, DK, Døde piger lyver ikke
Sunnuntaisuomalainen, visual communication, FI, Valon Kansa
Helsingin Sanomat, visual communication, FI, Stephen King
Politiken, visual communication, DK, Så kom han ikke længere
Helsingin Sanomat, visual communication, FI, Latua!
VG, magazines, NO, Da hund møtte… han
VG, magazines, NO, Plaza-mysteriet
Helsingin Sanomat, magazines, FI, 100 Vuotta suomalaisia
Bergens Tidende, magazines, NO, Dei forlot heimlandet….
VG, magazines, NO, VG afslørte verdens største overgrepsforum
VG, magazines, NO, Hatets nye ansikt
Aftenposten, magazines, NO, Med kaldt blod
Trønder-Avisa, magazines, NO, Små føtter setter dype spor
Politiken, sportspages, DK, På pladserne…
Bergens Tidende, sportspages, NO, Dette gir Brann-spillerne …
Helsingin Sanomat, open class, FI, Art of journalism
VG, open class, NO, Det hvite raseriet

Bank information

Society for News Design Scandinavia has the following bank information.

Danske Bank
Rådhuspladsen 3
DK-8100 Århus C

Registreringsnummer: 4620
Konto: 4813 068125

S.w.i.f.t adresse: DABADKKK
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The home address of the organization is Denmark and therefore has a Danish VAT/CVR-number: 1331 6406