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General Assembly af SNDS

The annual general assembly will take place on Saturday, October 26th in Copenhagen – at 15 o’clock at Hotel Kong Frederik, Vester Voldgade 25, Copenhagen. For practical reasons, please register at – no later than Friday, October 18. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the generel assembly please send them to the chairman. Email:

Land of Free Press gets silver in Cannes

The campain “Land of  Free Press”, Helsinkin Sanomat launched in 2018 just before the summit in Helsinki between President Trump and President Putin was awarded silver in the Cannes Lion competition held in Cannes 18. Juni 2019.

Earlier this year the campain was awarded Gold at the SNDS Best News Design Scandinavia 2019

You can read more about the campain here

Jeanette Gustafsdotter Årets MediaAmazon 2019

Jeanette Gustafsdotter CEO at TU-medier in Sweden has been named “Årets MediaAmazon 2019″.  In the nomination it says that” when the journalism is threatened Jeanette Gustafsdotter reacts”. The award has been given for ten years in a row .

You can read more (in Swedish) here: arets-mediaamazon-2019

Danish Fyens Stiftstidende gets gold in national competition

The editorial department of Fyens Stiftstidende in Odense was awarded gold for a frontpage at Danske Mediers annual competition Best News Design  2019. The paper was awarded for at frontpage remembering the late singger Kim Larsen the day after his death. The frontpage was made by Ida Simmelholt, Sander S. Astrup, Martin Seymour og Vibeke Volder.

Egiht Danish Media Houses did send entries to the competition. You can see and read (in Danish) who got gold, silver and bronze here:  Vindere danske medier


Danish professional journals nominated for Bording prize

The jury behind the Danish  designprize “Anders Bording-prisen” has nominated three professional journals for the Mediaprize. The nominated are :, the magazine “Tandlægebladet” and the magazine “Ergoterapeuten”.

The winner will be published at Copenhagen Rådhus June 21. You can read more here:  Bordingprisen