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Årets Dagstidning in Sweden

The Swedish Publishers Organisation – TU -Medier i Sverige – has announced the nominees in the contest Årets Dagstidning 2019. The winners will be presented at a Gala Show at Berns in Stockholm April 11.

Årets Dagstidning has seven categories and 18 newspapers and newsorganizations has been nominated in the competition as well as three persons.

You can read more about the nominees at arets-dagstidning-in-sweden

Mittmedia bought by Bonnier

It was a close race but in the end Bonnier bought the Swedish Mittmedia. The Norwegian Polaris, owned by Schibsted, was also in the market for buying the Swedish newspaper group, CEO of Schibsted, Per Axel Koch according to

Politiken winns three digital prizes

The Danish Newspaper Politiken got three Bronze medals in the competition Best Digital Design 2018, which were held in Washington.  The competition is conducted by Society for News Design. 1300 entries took part in the competition.

You can read more here:

Bonnier bids on Mittmedia

Bonnier has put a bid on the Swedish Mediahouse, Swedish  Medievärlden tells. The Norwegian company Polaris  has also put a bid. Mittmedia publish 28 local- og free newspapers and is the owner of several , digital portals.

CEO at TV2 Denmark resigns

Merete Eldrup, CEO of Danish Broadcaster TV2Denmark has announced her resignation. The chairman of the board, Jimmy Maymann expects to have found a new CEO in the end of 2019.

Merete Eldrup has been CEO for 11 years and is expeted to work as boardmember in different companies in the future.

Norway got its first IT minister

40-year-old Nikolai Astrup from the party Høyre, has been appointed as the first ever Minister of IT in Norway.

IKT-Norge, the interest group of the Norwegian IT-branch, is pleased with the appointment.

– The government should have a Minister for digitization in order to succeed in technology projects, CEO in IKR-Norge says Heidi Austlid.

Editor in Chief sentenced

JP/Politikens Hus and the editor in chief at Politiken, Christian Jensen, has been fined 100.000 Danish Kr and 50.000 Danish Kr. for publishing the book “Syv år for PET”, in October 2016.

The fine will not be appealed.

Bonnier loses subscribers

The conversion to a new subscriber system has been expensive for Bonniers magazine division Magazines & Brands, says Medievärlden.

The conversion which was done in 2018 means that the company has lost data about 80.000 subscribers.

The company has started reestablishing the data.