What is SNDS?

Society for News Design Scandinavia (SNDS) is the Scandinavian branch of the international network, SND, which was originally launched in the US.

Read more about the global SND organization at www.snd.org

SNDS members represent a broad spectrum of professions in the newspaper industry. The purpose of this website is to facilitate contact between members of different newspapers and across national borders, and to provide opportunity for all interested in the media industry to sign up as members.

SNDS was founded in 1985 and consequently celebrated ITS 30th anniversary in 2015.

Originally called the Society of Newspaper Design / Scandinavia but the fall of 1997 emphasized the SND, the word “paper” in the name and SND / S followed.

SNDS is Region 13 in the SND organization, covering these countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. The three Baltic countries were added in 2015, and as from 2016 the SNDS board now also has a member from the Baltics as well as one from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark each.

SNDS is a forum for you who…

  • believe in the meaning of clear communication.
  • believe that excellent content should be combined with functional design.
  • know that graphic and images helps the readers to understand the news.
  • know that good design helps the operation of media companies.

SNDS is a Design Forum for both small and bigger media companies with the goal to enhance more professional news design.

SNDS has members in all Scandinavian countries as well as in countries in other parts of the world.

SNDS is a joint design forum for all media companies in Scandinavia on a high professional level. In this forum people from small and big companies shall feel at home and can benefit from participating independent from media companies ownership and political or ideological relation.

Among the members are editors, journalists, designers, photographers and typographical people. Membership in the organization is open for all persons with interest for content presentation and design on all media platforms.

What SNDS does for you:

Every year SNDS arranges a seminar with Scandinavian and International top speakers.

SNDS is co-hosting a annual news design competition – The Best of Scandinavian News Design – for both printed and digital media together with the publishing organizations in Scandinavia.

SNDS cooperates with other SND organization about events of common interest for instance courses, study travels, etc.

Participating in SNDS seminar is the best way to stay in touch with the development of news design in old and new media channels. Close contact with a Scandinavian and international professional network will be inspiring and make you a more valuable employee for your company.

Fast and direct access to knowledge and information about new ideas and trends in the business, that makes you an important employee.

International SND

Since its organizational meeting in January 1979, SND’s mission has been to improve newspapers through good design.

What does SND do?

It sponsors training, recognizes excellence, stimulates education and offers design publications to its 2,500 members from 40 different countries.

Organizationally, everything SND does is built around the concept of sharing information and contacts. As the backbone of a grassroots organization, SND’s directors – teamed with regional coordinators – criss-cross the globe to reach out to member and non-member newspaper professionals. This wide-ranging network provides a strong system for communicating the concerns of members to the board, which meets twice a year. The SND workshops and information network provide the best avenue available for keeping up with the fast-moving field of graphics and design.

The SND annual congresses have been held since 1979 in Chicago, Washington, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Austin, Louisville, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, Dallas, Kansas City and Barcelona, Spain.