Call for Entries: Compete with your best designs of 2018!

The Design Competition juries for Print and Digital will both meet in Helsinki, Finland on March 3–6 2019. Helsingin Sanomat will be hosting the jury meeting for the print competition and Nitor Digital Engineering will be hosting the digital competition. 

The competition is for work published in 2018. 

This is how you enter the competition:

  1. Fill out the Entry Form for the competition.
  2. Pay the competition fee mentioned in your entry form. Additional Bank information.
  3. The deadline for entries in the competition is 
    • February 20, 2019 (print)
    • February 24, 2019 (digital)
  4. Keep your fingers crossed. The judges might contact you with questions about the entries during jury week.


The Print Competition

Entries in the print-competition may now be submitted either as tear sheets or printouts. Entries in the print competition will still be judged in person, on tables, as in the previous years, but outlets may choose which format to submit.

The guidelines for submitting printed replicas of work in the printing competition are as follows:

  • Printouts must be unmounted, and in the case of multi-page entries, taped together and assembled accordion-style. (They will be judged next to tear sheets assembled this way, after all)
  • Printouts must be at a size that is at least 75 percent of the size the entry ran.
  • Printouts must be unmounted
  • Printouts must run in the color state (CMYK or black-and-white) that the entry printed.
  • Publications entering printouts should keep PDFs of their entries available through April, in case they are needed by the competition for documentation purposes.

Tear sheets are accepted in the same manner as in previous years. Outlets wishing to enter the work exactly as it printed remain encouraged to do so.

Entries for the print competition must be at SNDS no later than Wednesday February 20, 2019.

Entry form for the Print Competition


The Digital Competition

Entry form for the Digital Competition

Categories and fees:

  1. Landing Page or Front Page (110 €/entry)
    The front page of a whole website or the landing page of a section, a theme, a service or an event. Only one page is judged.
  2. Coverage of Breaking News (110 €/entry)
    Non-planned coverage and/or Breaking news. Please add screenshots from the time the story was live if needed.
  3. Article Page (110 €/entry)
     Generic layout or special template design for articles. Evaluated on use of elements, photography, typography, graphics, and ads. The specific article itself is not the main focus in this category, however, the exceptional symbiosis of content and template is taken into account.
  4. Long form or Feature (110 €/entry)
    Planned coverage of subjects or stories, long form articles, series of articles, themes etc. Use of digital possibilities/features, responsiveness or special attention to the digital reader’s capabilities.
  5. Data Project (110 €/entry)
    Data projects can be anything from infographics to database driven journalism in articles or themes.
  6. Video (110 €/entry)
    For this category, please bear in mind that photo style, video graphics, editing or player is being evaluated, not the content of the video.
  7. Redesign (330 €/entry)
    This category takes the change of a website or part of a website into account. Please upload screenshots of before and after and describe briefly the main focus areas you wanted to improve with the redesign.
  8. Web Application or Online Service  (110 €/entry)
    Services or responsive web applications published by media companies. Please describe the main user group if needed.  
  9. Innovation (110 €/entry)
    Innovative digital solutions in regards to business, design, development or editorial needs.
  10. Editorial Promotion (110 €/entry)
    Clever digital marketing of editorial initiatives to the users.
  11. Mobile Application (110 €/entry)
    Mobile applications published by media companies. Please enter a link to the application store or the application’s landing page.
  12. Open Class (110 €/entry)
    Did none of the categories above match your entry? Do you want the jury to focus on a special feature or a series of some kind? Then this is your category! 🙂

The judges may or may not award prizes in every category.

The judges can choose to re-arrange submitted entries into other categories as they see fit, and if all judges agree upon this. 

Criteria and evaluation

The digital publications will be evaluated by a multi-national jury specialized in digital publishing. This jury consists of six members appointed by Mediebedrifternes Landsforening (Norway), Sanomalehtien Liitto/Tidningarnas Förbund (Finland) and SNDS. The competition is open to any Nordic and Baltic media company.

The digital entries are judged according to how well these four criteria are being met in each entry:

  • Visual design
  • Interactivity
  • Usability and structure
  • Journalism/editing


The jury will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze diplomas. The “Scandinavia’s Best Designed Digital Media” award will be given to the best overall designed entry in the competition. In addition, the jury may award a “Best Detail Award” for a particularly well-made design detail, or a “Best Interaction Award” for exceptional UX.

When the jury has completed the evaluation process, winning media will be informed that they have been granted an award, but not which one. At this point, we will also ask winners to send information about the people who should be credited for the award.

Additional information

  • If you want to add before/after/during screenshots, you can do so by uploading files in the following formats: jpg, png, gif, mp4, mov, pdf, txt, doc, ppt. 
  • Submit necessary login information and passwords valid during the period 1 February–1 October 2019.
  • The entry fee shall be paid for each entry submitted for evaluation.
  • Please use one entry form per entry.

Entries for the digital competition must be entered no later than February 24, 2019. 

Entry form for the Digital Competition


Best of luck in this year’s competition!

Flemming Hvidtfeld
Chairman, Competition Committee and Print.

Björn Heselius
Chairman, Digital Competition