Digital Design Jury 2019

Katinka Bukh

is the Design editor at Weekendavisen in Denmark.

Katinka has been an editorial designer for most of her working years. She is passionate about visual communication, journalism, functional type, and beautiful design.

Digital design was something she got seriously into at her last job at Zetland, a small Danish news media, with a strong focus on calm, fun and cool UI. She recently just started on an amazing old weekly newspaper, Weekendavisen (published since 1749), which currently is in an early process of redesigning both digitally and on print.

“I am very excited to see the best digital design in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries”, Katinka says.

Linda Häggström

is the Development editor for digital design at Expressen in Sweden

Linda is working for a brand-friendly and cohesive design throughout the digital channels. Before that, she held different positions within the design, presentation and business development teams at Svenska Dagbladet, for 13 years.

In short: 

– Master of Order
– Exterminator of messy drop shadows
– Destroyer of pointless information

Tomi Kaukinen

is a Swedish-Finnish serial entrepreneur and speaker.


After working for investment funds for many years, in 2012 Tomi quit his job and started his first company.

He has taken his products to both the Spanish and South-East Asian markets and worked with some of the biggest media companies and sports clubs in the world.

After burning out in 2018 he now spends his time speaking about entrepreneurship and helping aspiring start-ups.

Guro Lindahl Flåten

is a Digital designer at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

Guro is a designer, serial binge-watcher, and sewer of semi-wearable clothes.

She got her degree in graphic design from Falmouth University in the UK and worked for 5 years at Dagbladet before recently turning to NRK. Her current design challenge is to figure out how to best explain the news to those uninterested, rapidly prototyping and testing new formats.

She is returning as a jury member at SNDS for the third time.

Jonas Nilsson

is the Digital design lead for Norwegian regional daily Adresseavisen.

Jonas has been pushing pixels on the internet professionally for eighteen years.

He thrives on both product and content design and is a firm believer that all designers should know how to code, and that the designs should be equally great on all screen sizes. Jonas now coordinates the efforts of Adresseavisen’s digital development for editorial projects.

His work has won the paper many international awards over the years.

Emma-Leena Ovaskainen

is a visual producer at Helsingin Sanomat in Finland.

Emma-Leena’s role in the newsroom is to gather up the best stories and visuals and create compelling storytelling on HS:n digital platforms.
She started as a journalist in newspapers and radio, but the interest towards good design and visuals turned her into a newspaper designer in an early stage of her career. After studying mobile visual storytelling 2017–18 at the Reuters Institute in Oxford, she now uses her findings in a real-life newsroom. The more you work on the visual idea of the story, the better it works on a tiny mobile screen.

Björn Heselius (chairperson of the jury)

is Principal Designer at Nitor Digital Engineering, an IT consultancy in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Björn on a mission to create the best user experiences in the world, through empathy and customer-driven design. His background is in the field of education, web development, and visual journalism.

As a facilitator and leader, brand strategist and art director, Björn works in the borderlines where tech and psychology, innovation and art meet.

Björn’s work for digital and printed publications has received numerous international awards for design, art direction, and visual strategy.