Meet the print jury

Stefani Urmas, Head of Design at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, News and Current Affairs

Stefani Urmas is an experienced visual journalist and news designer mastering versatile skills in print media, digital storytelling, UX design and audiovisual broadcasting. Stefani has earned an M.A. degree in Journalism at USC Annenberg, School for Communication and Journalism in Los Angeles specializing in digital news design and visual journalism.

He is currently working at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle as the head of design. Stefani is responsible of visuals in both web platforms and television shows and studios.

Before taking charge of Yle’s news design Stefani worked 11 years at the Alma Media Corporation in many key roles

Lotta Ek, Design Director at Dagens Nyheter. Sweden

Lotta Ek is responsible for digital and print-design at Dagens Nyheter, where she has been working since 2001. She has led or been involved in several design- and redesignprojects and won multiple awards.

Trine Vu, Editor of the magazine Ergoterapeuten.

Trine Vu is editor at the magazine Ergoterapeuten published by the occupational therapist associations in Denmark.

In 2019 one of three nominated for the Danish Anders Bording Price for renewing the form of a specialist magazine, especially on the visual side. Former sub editor at the feature sections of Fynske Medier, freelance journalist and layouter and member of the SNDS print jury.

Espen Moe, News Designer, Dagens Næringsliv, Norway

Espen Moe started fiddling around with PageMaker some 30 years ago. He has been through the whole lineup of desktop publishing-tools and is an Indesign-nerd.

Since the middle of the 1990s he has been editing and designing newspaper pages in local and national press. Staff member of Dagens Næringsliv since 2011,  and had a key role in the ipad-edition published by DN from 2011 to 2016.

Has been instrumental in adapting the papers last two redesigns from design templates to fully working indesign templates in the editorial systems. Is today responsible for the daily use of the newspapers design.

Tarmo Rajamets, leading the print design team of Eesti Ekspress in Estonia.

I started working as a layout designer for a small newspaper called Liivimaa Kroonika back in 1991.

It was a wild time in the Estonian society and even more so in the news business. Working in a newspaper was a crazy rollercoaster ride back then. Among other things, it involved designing the paper in a winter coat and mittens (because the temporary office rooms were so cold in January) and constantly spending the whole weekly paper work cycle without any sleep. Yeah, it was plenty of fun.

In the following years I’ve been working as a layout designer for various Estonian newspapers and magazines, also spent a couple of years in a prepress office. In 2001, I joined Eesti Ekspress, one of the most influential Estonian newspapers, and have been leading the paper version design team since 2009.