Adresseavisen, Norway, gets silver in SND competition

The Norwegian Media Company, Adresseavisen in Trondheim won a silver medal in the SND competition Best of Digital Design.  Jonas Nilsson, Head of Digital Design at the media company tell:

– I was honored to receive a silver medal in the local news coverage category of Best of Digital DesignSND.

– Me and my long time partner in crime, Jonas Vikan, did a story about how a Norwegian business man payed pennies to watch a 12 year old girl be sexually assaulted in the Philippines via webcam. It’s a story about how technology transcends borders and cultures in an instant. As often is the case with these stories, we had limited visuals. A lot of the imagery had to be obfuscated due to privacy, and many of the images we actually could use were of a poor technical quality.

As a designer, that’s actually a great place to start, as it means that you have to come up with the visuals yourself. We chose two main visual queues for the series. Pixels was the obvious one, as the transfer of images and personas over the internet was a key component in the story.

The other main visual identity was ┬źdata transfer lines┬╗. The stories take place in many different locations, so we used these lines as a way of both hinting at data moving from A to B, but also as a way of letting the reader know where we were in the stories, geographically.

You can see the winning contribution here

Jonas Nilsson